Where   you   will   find   TOP   Quality   European   conformation   and   working   dogs.   Please   enjoy our   home   on   the   web   where   you   will   find   a   parade   of   wonderful   examples   of   the   boxer breed!      We   take   great   pride   in   producing   the   best   quality   boxer   puppies   Europe   has   to offer   right   here   in   the   United   States!      Strictly   European   Boxers   where   quality,   health,   and temperament   matter.      Why   import   when   you   can   purchase   the   same   quality   right   here   in the   United   States   with   no   worries   of   paperwork   and   health   guarantee's   that   matter.      We are   very   proud   of   our   accomplishments   and   encourage   you   to   take   a   look   at   our   photos, health testing, reviews, and what is in store for us here at Euro-Dream.
The   experience   that   we   had   with   Euro   dream   boxers   was   amazing!!   I   knew   after   I   talked   to   her   on   the   phone   the   first   time   that   she   was   the breeder   for   us.   After   we   decided   to   go   with   her   she   kept   us   posted   on   the   births   of   the   pups   sent   videos   and   pics   when   they   were   born.   When it   was   time   for   us   to   pick   she   made   it   really   easy   for   us!   They   were   very   flexible   on   how   to   meet   up   with   us   to   pick   our   male   up.   Which   we   met a guy she used at the airport to get our pup!! The whole process was nothing but amazing!! Great experience for us!   The Okeley's 2017 Hi Amanda! I   honestly   don’t   know   where   to   start.   I   went   through   about   5   breeders   before   I   finally   discovered   Euro-Dream   Boxer   Kennel.   I   had   so   many difficulties   with   all   of   the   other   breeders.   Some   were   very   poor   at   responding,   some   were   rude,   and   some   were   all   about   the   money;   however, you   responded   immediately   and   you   answered   any   question   I   ever   had.   Not   only   was   I   thrilled   to   have   found   such   a   reputable   breeder,   I   was ecstatic   at   the   potential   my   future   fur   baby   could   have.   I   was   kept   up   to   date   and   got   numerous   pictures   of   him   while   I   waited   for   him   to   finally come   home.   He   was   extremely   healthy   and   had   plenty   of   room   to   run   and   play   with   his   litter   mates.   My   experience   with   Euro   Dream   was absolutely   incredible,   and   you   gave   my   absolute   best   friend,   Moose.   I   thank   God   everyday   for   what   an   amazing   dog   he   is   and   how   lucky   I   am   to have   him.   My   expectations   have   gone   above   and   beyond,   and   every   time   I   bring   Moose   anywhere   I   get   numerous   compliments   on   how   sweet and   beautiful   he   is.   I   also   live   in   Georgia   and   driving   to   go   pick   him   up   was   worth   every   mile   because   we   were   greeted   with   a   warm   host   and lots of puppy kisses!! I can’t wait until I get my second puppy from Amanda! Thank you so much for everything that you do, Moose says hi!! Payton Gray 2017 Hello, After   about      a   year   of   researching   different   Euro   Boxer   breeders   I   happened   to   stumble   on   EuroDream   Boxers   in   Missouri.      I   wasn't   sure   I wanted   to   travel   9   hours   for   a   dog   but   I   am   so   glad   we   did!      Our   experience   with   Euro   Dream   has   been   a   great   one   and   our   Bennie   Briscoe   has brought   so   much   love   and   life   to   our   busy   house.      After   having   had   a   few   different   colors   in   the   breed   (fawn,   brindle)   I   was   looking   for   a reverse   brindle   with   flashing   and   I   knew   that   Euro   Dream   produced   the   most   beautiful   pups.      I   was   kind   of   particular   (ok,   really   particular)   on what   I   wanted   and   Amanda   did   a   great   job   handling   my   A   type   personality   as   well   as   making   sure   we   got   what   we   wanted.      I   love   that   all   the health   testing   is   done   on   her   dogs   and   they   come   with   a   clean   bill   of   health.      When   we   arrived,   Bennie   was   clean   and   ready   to   go.      Amanda introduced   us   to   his   mom   and   dad   and   our   kids   were   able   to   see   the   other   dogs   in   the   liter.      Bennie   has   the   best   temperament.      I   have   4   small children and he just adores each one of them.  We had a great experience and would definitely do it again when we are ready for our second!  (We are going to go for a white one this time).  Sincerely, Breanne Drobac  2017 Hey Amanda, Please   use   me   as   a   reference   for   any   potential   future   boxer   baby   owners.   In   today’s   time   everyone   wants   to   to   breed   a   registered   boxer   to make   a   few   dollars   but   it   was   totally   different   working   with   you.   You   have   the   same   love   for   your   fur   babies   as   I   do.   Your   knowledge   was amazing and you listened when I told you what I wanted in a puppy. We purchased Miss Sadie Mae (she is perfect) and in the same week she was in my arms on February 24, 2017. We   live   in   Virginia   so   you   helped   us   with   a   traveling   nanny   and   he   held   her   during   the   flight.   The   gentleman   stayed   in   communication   with   me throughout   the   entire   day;   when   you   dropped   her   off   at   the   airport,   flight   changes,   delays   and   most   importantly   her   well   being   during   a   very stressful day to a puppy. Of   course   it’s   extremely   scaring   handing   over   money   to   someone   you   don’t   know   (different   states)   but   I   never   felt   that   way   with   you.   I   received the   proper   receipts   and   we   communicated   even   after   I   received   Sadie.   I   took   Sadie   to   the   vet   the   next   morning   and   my   vet   was   so   impressed that   she   was   in   perfect   health,   no   worms   or   larvae.   He   said   that   was   a   great   sign   but   not   many   puppies   come   to   see   him   in   perfect   health   like she did. Miss   Sadie   is   extremely   intelligent.   On   April   12th   her   six   week   basic   puppy   training   began.   She   has   now   finished   intermediate,   advanced   and now she is in her second advanced course. Amanda and family, thank you for my precious little girl.  The Lewis's  2017 I   highly   recommend   Euro   Dream   Boxers   if   you   are   looking   for   a   top   quality   boxer   puppy.   The   owner   Amanda   was   great   and   a   pleasure   to   work with.   My   puppy   is   beautiful,   sweet   and   extremely   smart!   Everywhere   we   take   him   people   comment   on   how   beautiful   he   is.   My   veterinarian   said that   he   is   the   best   looking   boxer   puppy   that   she   has   seen   also   stating   she   couldn't   find   anything   wrong   with   him   meaning   he   was   very   healthy. I will definitely purchase from Euro Dream Boxers again when we are ready for another boxer baby!     The Millers 2017 5   of   5   Stars!   Very   happy   customer,   I   have   nothing   but   great   things   to   say   about   Euro   Dream   Boxers.   She   made   the   entire   process   very   easy.   My puppy   was   exactly   what   I   was   looking   for   and   absolutely   no   health   issues.   Would   highly   recommend,   as   I'm   sure   I   will   be   a   returning   customer. J. Petefish 2017 Before   we   welcomed   our   Elmer   into   our   home,   we   lost   our   very   first   boxer   to   congenital   renal   failure.   She   was   only   2.5   years   old   when   we   had to   say   goodbye.   Our   other   boxer   was   lost   without   her   and   in   need   of   a   companion.   As   a   veterinarian   and   a   heart   broken   boxer   lover,   I   knew   I wanted   to   find   a   responsible   breeder   that   did   genetic   testing   on   their   dogs.   It   didn’t   take   me   long   to   come   across   Euro   Dream   Boxers   and   of course   I   fell   in   love   with   all   of   Amanda’s   pictures.   I   emailed   her   and   told   her   our   story.   She   sent   me   a   reply   within   15   minutes   and   set   up   a   time to   talk   on   the   phone.   She   answered   all   of   my   questions   and   within   a   half   an   hour   of   talking   we   put   a   deposit   on   a   puppy   that   was   due   a   week or   two   later.   Amanda   was   great   about   sending   picture   updates   and   answering   all   my   crazy   questions   in   the   long   8   weeks   of   waiting   to   meet our   boy.   I   wouldn’t   hesitate   for   a   second   to   refer   someone   to   her.   We   hope   to   have   our   current   boxers   for   a   long   time,   but   when   the   time comes to welcome another boxer into our hearts I know I will get in touch with Amanda.   The Eiten's 2017
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