Where you will find TOP Quality European conformation and working dogs. Please enjoy our home on the web where you will find a parade of wonderful examples of the boxer breed! We take great pride in producing the best quality boxer puppies Europe has to offer right here in the United States! Strictly European Boxers where quality, health, and temperament matter. Why import when you can purchase the same quality right here in the United States with no worries of paperwork and health guarantee's that matter. We are very proud of our accomplishments and encourage you to take a look at our photos, health testing, reviews, and what is in store for us here at Euro-Dream.
one of her puppies. You will not be disappointed. I called Amanda's references, I felt very strongly when talking with her that she wanted the best homes for her babies and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Boomer was THE puppy for us. Please don't let the slander on the Internet stop your decision of getting a great a puppy. Thank you Amanda for trusting us to take care of one of your babies. He is an awesome baby and a very spoiled part of our family. Vickie & Grant In the spring of 2013 we lost our “gentle giant” Toby the Boxer, at age twelve to cardiomyopathy and were so devastated that we thought we most likely would not have another “furry child.” Within a few months we realized that we did, in fact, need to have another buddy come into our home. Our search for another Boxer began closer to our home in Georgia. Not finding what we were looking for or kennels that did not respond we cast our net out further to other States. We came upon this wonderful informative and friendly website called Euro-Dream Boxers in mid-summer of 2013. We made contact with Amanda and began the conversation with her about her kennel and future litters of puppies. She was professional, helpful and friendly in answering our zillion questions and working with us. We were happy to see and hear that her breeding stock was health checked for the various ailments to which Boxers are susceptible. If we emailed her or called and left a message, she was prompt to respond to us. When we settled on which litter we would be getting a puppy from, our plan was to drive to Missouri and pick our puppy up and meet Amanda and visit her kennel. Due to extremely bad weather in Missouri and Georgia at the time our puppy was ready to come to us, in December, 2013, Amanda suggested we let her send the puppy by “Air Nanny.” After several delays in the flights due to the snow in Missouri, our puppy, Cooper Cedric, finally arrived at Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta. He was an absolute love, full of puppy kisses. People in the area around us at the airport were so taken with him and he was very sociable. Everywhere we take Cooper he is a crowd stopper. He gets lots of compliments on his good looks and personality. Our veterinarian has told us that Cooper is very healthy and is one of the very best looking Boxers he has ever seen. We are just head over heels in love with our new family member. He has started his Beginner Obedience classes and is doing well and the trainer has said he is very smart and she feels like he will do well in the class even though he may be a trifle young for as much instruction as she packs into her classes. He is a puppy, after all, and really likes the social aspect of the classes rather than paying attention!! One thing that Cooper did take on for a “job” within just a few days of his arrival to us is carrying the daily newspaper back to the house from the curb where the paper man throws it. This came about when Cooper and his Poppy (Mike) went for their first morning walk. Cooper saw the paper on the ground and went over and picked it up in his mouth just so and started back for the house. He has made it known that he is the “paper boy” and no one else better pick that paper up and bring it back. He actually seems to get his feelings bruised if he is not the one to bring the paper! Very cute!!! We have had a few questions about Cooper since he arrived and have contacted Amanda and she is still as interested in her puppies after they are with their families as she was when they were with her. She is very good to respond right away. In our eyes, Euro-Dream Boxers and Amanda are A#1!!! Thank you, Amanda, for making this such a positive and fun experience. Mike & Tracey AND Cooper Cedric von Euro-Dream - 2014 Hi Amanda, We have had such a wonderful weekend with Viggo. Thank you again to you for making it possible for him to come early. He is everything you promised...and more. He is such a character. Curious, independent, exploratory, silly, and very very loving. Yesterday he already bounced around the house and backyard as if he'd been here forever. Comes up and wants to picked up by everybody and nuzzles into their laps. He has not had an accident in the house yet. We take him out a lot, and he just goes when he's told. And, of course he's even more handsome than the picures conveyed. I tell you, it's almost like he was perfect :-) Best, Louise 10-01-2012 We purchased a beautiful fawn Euro Boxer female puppy from Amanda at Euro Dream Boxers and are very pleased with the quality and disposition of our puppy, Reagan. We never met Amanda before this sale and felt comfortable enough with her after speaking to her to send payment in full through the mail, something we have been reluctant to do in the past until the time of delivery, due to problems we’ve had with other breeders. We were very grateful, though not surprised, that she was professional and true to her word in every aspect of our dealings. We had Reagan delivered to us and she was everything we had been told she was…a cute, bubbly, inquisitive, and healthy Boxer puppy of impeccable lineage. She came with her shot records, AKC papers, and even a toy or two and a small bag of puppy food. It is obvious that Amanda cares deeply for the puppies she raises and is not simply in the business of breeding Boxers solely for monetary purposes, something we were looking for when we were ready to purchase a new Boxer puppy. 06-14-2012 We are very pleased with our purchase and love Reagan…she is a wonderful addition to our Boxer family and we look forward to purchasing other puppies or adult Boxers from Amanda in the future. I would highly recommend Euro Dream Boxers and Amanda to anyone seeking a high quality, champion lineage Boxer puppy. I would like to share my experience with Eurodream Boxers and Amanda. When I started looking for a boxer breeder it was with a very heavy heart. I was going through a very difficult situation. My beautiful four year old boxer was stricken with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in her front leg. The only treatment was amputation and then chemotherapy and this would only buy her a little extra time not cure her. After much soul searching our family decided not to put her through all that. She lived longer than expected and we filled her last months with love and attention. When this first happened I vowed to never get another dog because I didn't want to go through that again. Then as time went on my son and daughter said that they really wanted to have a dog in their lives. I also realized my need for a dog, the walks I would miss,the unconditional love and company of my pet. So I decided to look for another dog. I searched all the rescue sites and thought that a dog who needed a home would be a good choice. My next thought was that if I rescued a dog I probably wouldn't get a puppy and I wouldn't know about its health. This time I was going to make sure I did everything to assure my dog was bred for health and longevity. Our first boxer came from a pet shop and although she was a great dog I felt that a reputable akc breeder would be a far better choice for health. I wanted a dog whose grandparents were still alive and could have their lines traced back. I looked into other breeds but once you own a boxer that proud ,intuitive loyal dog that is great with children and other animals its hard to settle for anything else. So now the hunt was on to find the best boxer breeder in the country. I spent many nights searching the internet and called breeders all over the country. I came upon the Eurodream website and thought the dogs were incredible looking. I saw they had show champions in their breeding stock. I showed my Dad who was also looking for breeders and he told me he was in touch with another breeder who discouraged him from european bred boxers . He wanted me to buy a dog from him. I was never shown pictures of puppies, just advised that when they were four weeks I would have to drive hours away to see them and only then could I put a deposit on one. When we called to see puppies he did'nt get back to us. In the interum I kept going back to Amanda's website and fell head over heels for her beautiful M litter. That was my first contact with Amanda. I emailed her about the M litter puppies and she got right back to me. She immediately told me the price and the availability. She was very professional and not pushy at all. In July when I first contacted Amanda we were not quite ready because we felt it wasn't fair to bring a puppy home while our dog was still alive. I explained this to Amanda and she was very sympathetic. Two months later when it was clear that we had only a few weeks left she emailed me asking if were were still in need of a puppy and that she was thinking of us during this hard time. She had the O litter and the P litter was just born. I emailed back yes I was ready and asked her a million questions. She sent me all the pictutes of the puppies and which ones would be the best choice for what I had described to be my preference. The puppy I ultimately picked was not what I said I wanted but I told her I had a gut feeling she was the one. She told me that she loved this puppy and if I wanted her to go with my feeling. That is how I got Peyton. She is absolutely the most beautiful puppy with great bone structure and a personality to die for. She is all her daddy, Terro. You would think she would be enough but not quite. I always wanted to have a brindle boxer and that was what I originally asked Amanda for. She said that she would love me to spoil two of her puppies and that is just what I'm doing. I got Peyton a playmate, hLola. She is beautiful like her mommy and such a well behaved dog. I couldn't be happier with my choice. The day they left Amanda's care she videotaped them in their crate at the airport and tiltled it on our way. They were so cute together kissing each other and biting each others collar. They arrived at JFK international airport in New York safe with a little bowl of food attached to the crate and two blankets and toys. I could tell that they were loved and very well taken cared of.. The next day we went to the vet who gave them a clean bill of health with no worms or problems. I was a little nervous about getting two dogs but I am so glad I did. Watching them play together is hysterical and they are so cute together when they snuggle and sleep on top of each other. It reminds me of all those pictures Amanda has of Terro and Zeke together as best friends. I am so grateful that Amanda contacted me and made it possible to get not one but two of her beautiful dogs. I used to cry every day until I got them and now all I do is smile. Thanks Amanda!!!!! Karen Feb. 29th, 2012 Hi Amanda, Finding a good breeder is not an easy task, there are so many breeders to choose from, it is not easy to know you are picking the right one. When I found Euro-Dream I knew I had found the right breeder. Amanda was wonderful to work with, answered all my questions, and made me feel at ease. She has amazing dogs, they are all so beautiful and well tempered and my puppy is absolute proof of that. This is my second boxer and I couldn't be happier with her, she is absolutely gorgeous and anywhere I go I get compliments about her color, her face and how friendly she is. She loves to play and does great with dogs of all sizes and when it comes to people she can never have enough attention, she loves absolutely everybody and wants to say hello to anybody she meets on the street and revels in all the compliments that she receives. I would without hesitation recommend Euro-Dream and Amanda to anybody that is look for a happy, healthy boxer puppy, I guarantee she will exceed your expectations. Thank you Amanda for my amazing little girl, I could not be happier!!! Matthew Feb. 27th, 2012
Amanda, Time goes too fast and our babies (human and puppies) grow and learn new things daily. Boomer, a.k.a Wrangler is now 5 months old and I can't begin to tell you how much joy he has brought to our lives. Boomer arrived to us in GA at 8 weeks old. He traveled by "Air Nanny" along with 2 other siblings. They were all healthy, well socialized, and wanting to be loved. Of course they were a show stopper at the airport. I can't tell you at this point how many people were around looking at these Boxers. In speaking of show stoppers, I can't tell you how many compliments I've had just carrying Boomer to different places to continue his socialization. My recommendation of buying a Boxer is very straight forward, buy a Euro Dream if you are looking at
The Harryman’s Kirk, Deborah, Ty, and Josh Our experience with Euro-Dream Boxers has been simply outstanding. We started to search for a full European Boxer months before I found Euro-Dream. We looked at all kinds of websites for a few months but never found just the right high quality breeder, dog, and price combination. Euro-Dream was a perfect match. We were really looking for a show quality dog at a pet quality price with a full European look and size in a deep reverse brindle color with a full black mask. This was one tall order. We also wanted a puppy from a high quality European lineage and with a good temperament. On top of having such a specific list we also wanted a reasonable price. Euro-Dream had everything we were looking for and then some. Amanda was very generous with information. She was honest and was always available to answer any questions. The health of the puppy was also a major concern for us. Our current boxer of four years came to us with a congenital birth defect (Juvenile Canine Renal Dysplasia). We wanted to make sure our new puppy wouldn't have any health problems. Amanda was always available to answer all of our puppy health questions and concerns before we took Bricco in and well after his arrival. Amanda truly wants the best for her puppies and the new owners and it shows in her actions. Amanda genuinely cares about her puppies and that is a fantastic trait to see in a breeder. The whole transaction was very smooth. Amanda walked us through every detail. The Pet Nanny Service made me a bit nervous at first. Now that I have been through the process I think it is ingenuous. Better personal care for the dog during the flight in coach with a nanny all at a great price. Everyone wins... including the puppy. We have had Bricco now for almost 6 months and could not be happier. This is the third boxer in our family. I have to say comparing all three, Bricco has the best temperament by far. He is calm and obedient, yet still very loveable and always happy to see you. He was also house-broken from the day he arrive. To date he has not had one accident in the house! Having had two boxer puppies in the past, this has never been the case. I attribute this to Amanda's in-house kennel, her other adult and well mannered dogs leading the way, and in general the way she treats her dogs and puppies while they are with her n her home. Overall it has been a great experience and we will certainly call on Amanda and Euro-Dream in the future when we are ready for another incredible boxer in our family. Joe And Emily 2/12/14
After losing our previous Boxer “Sissy” in 2011 at the age of 12, we were not ready to just rush in and get another puppy. When we felt like it was time we spent a lot of time researching where to look for our next puppy. After all the extensive research and phone calls it led us to Amanda at Euro Dream Boxers. Our experience through the whole process of receiving our new boxer puppy, Anna-Belle or “Bella” to us, was nothing but amazing, Amanda’s communication is awesome and was always ready to answer any of our questions. Bella is now 9 months old and is the most amazing dog. Bella is awesome with our children, best example is Josh had the stomach flu recently and Bella lay by his side all day not leaving him one time. She loves to play and is amazing with my wife’s cats (I was a little worried about that one). She has been a dream to train, crate training was easy and she was able to be Bell Trained to go outside in 2 weeks. We would recommend to anyone looking for a new Boxer puppy to look no further than Euro Dream Boxer.
Amanda, When I first started my search for a new addition to our family I was not sure when I would be ready for a new baby and Amanda was VERY understanding of this. I had two boxers at the time and both had major health issues and I knew I would soon be having to say good bye to both of my best friends L I explained the situation to Amanda and she was willing to work with me to help me get the perfect baby when it worked for me. I was in search of a mini Terro princess and my wishes were granted. On October 9th 2013 my new princess (Ellie) was born. We could not wait to get her! She is now 5.5 months old and is an amazing little girl!!! She is so smart! She could not be more perfect. She is such a happy, healthy baby. Whenever I take her to Pet Co everyone stops and stares at her. She is SO eye catching. Her markings are so perfect. She is going to look JUST like her daddy. I am still in contact with Amanda and send her pictures of Ellie often. If we ever decide to add another addition to our family I would definitely get another one from Euro Dreams. After having two very unhealthy babies we just wanted a healthy baby and so far she has been!! Her personality is one of a kind! She has definitely filled the hole in my heart and I am so grateful to Amanda for that. We absolutely love little Miss Ellie to pieces!! Thanks so much!! Misty Arnold
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