Where   you   will   find   TOP   Quality   European   conformation   and   working   dogs.   Please   enjoy our   home   on   the   web   where   you   will   find   a   parade   of   wonderful   examples   of   the   boxer breed!      We   take   great   pride   in   producing   the   best   quality   boxer   puppies   Europe   has   to offer   right   here   in   the   United   States!      Strictly   European   Boxers   where   quality,   health,   and temperament   matter.      Why   import   when   you   can   purchase   the   same   quality   right   here   in the   United   States   with   no   worries   of   paperwork   and   health   guarantee's   that   matter.      We are   very   proud   of   our   accomplishments   and   encourage   you   to   take   a   look   at   our   photos, health testing, reviews, and what is in store for us here at Euro-Dream.
girls   she   was   offering   I   really   liked   (ANDREA)   she   was   a   full   european   girl   bred   from   EURO   DREAMS   male   I   sent   the   money   and   we made   a   date   for   delivering   the   2   girls   to   the   buffalo   boarder...2   days   before   the   date   ,,Angie   brooks   contacted   me   stating   she   was   to   in   love with   Andrea   and   would   not   be   sending   her   ,,I   was   crushed   ,but   still   went   ahead   with   the   other   girl   WHO   WAS   CLOVER....and   she   would   send   me half   money   back   for   Andrea,,,so   I   went   to   pick   up   this   dog   ,,and   was   in   shock   ,,she   was   delivered   in   a   truck   in   the   dead   of   winter   covered   in straw,,,,her   eyes   covered   with   green   discharge   ,,and   head   to   toe   demodex   mange!!   I   barely   got   thru   the   boarder   with   this   dog   as   the   officials told   me   I   would   need   a   vet   to   look   at   her   in   24   hours   ,,needless   to   say   this   dog   was   sick   ,,,and   not   to   mention   a   kidney   issue   as   well   ,,,so   with in   12   hours   I   had   to   make   a   quick   discision   ,,,NOT   BREEDING   MATERIAL   ,,phoned   a   friend   of   mine   who   took   her   as   a   pet   .   and   treated   her   for   6 month   4500$   later   she   is   getting   a   bit   better   with   skin   issues   still   t   this   day   ,,anyways   ,,I   actually   went   through   the   pedigree   and   contacted Amanda   from   Euro   dream   to   tell   her   about   this   dog   Andrea   and   that   I   was   worried   about   her   and   the   others   this   women   was   keeping ,,,immediatly   Amanda   was   worried   also   and   that   of   coarse   was   one   of   her   babies   ,,so   I   asked   if   she   could   try   to   find   out   ,,,or   call   the   authorities ect   ,,,I   never   did   see   any   of   my   money   from   that   transaction   ,   but   Amanda   who   knew   nothing   about   me   offered   a   pup   from   her   recent   litter   at   a discounted   price   to   make   up   for   a   mistake   of   another   breeder   ,,I   of   coarse   flattered   she   would   even   do   that   considering   it   had   nothing   to   do with   her   denied   the   offer   as   I   was   out   alot   of   money   from   the   scamming   Angie   brooks...But   to   make   a   long   story   short   that   was   my   first immpression   of   Amanda   from   Eurodream      ,,,Over   the   years   we   have   kept   in   close   contact   ,,once   in   a   while   emailing   back   and   fourth   ,,I   have bought   other   dogs   from      the   united   states   and   my   dealings   have   ALWAYS   been   bad   so   I   stated   dealing   with   europe   and   so   far   had   good   luck with   a   few   really   amamzing   breeders   there   ...I   also   have   read   a   ton   of   bad   things   about   Euro   dream   VIA   euboxers   website   ,,ect   ect   ,,,but   always remembered   how   Amanda   treated   me   ,,,I   heard   she   got   Andrea(Akira   )   back   at   her   kennel   and   I   was   very   impressed   as   I   knew   she   was   on   a mission   ,,,and   how   ever   she   got   her   WHO   CARES...   when   I   heard   of   this   litter   with   Andrea(Akira)   I   was   watching   with   envy   as   I   love   Akira   very much   ,,so   when   I   approached   her   about   Madison   ,,AGAIN   Amanda   offered   her   to   me   to   make   up   for   that   mistake   so   long   ago   ,,was   I   skeptical ?YES!!   was   I   worried   YES!!   as   all   rumours   can   effect   your   judgement   ,,I   was   treated   well   ,,,all   emails   back   and   fourth   pleasant   ,,got   all   their health   testing   ,,got   the   registration   in   mail   even   before   I   picked   her   up   ,,,she   even   held   her   until   I   was   ready   which   made   the   dog   13   weeks   old ,,,When   I   picked   her   up   ,,she   was   sooo   clean   ,,smelled   amazing   ,,,looked   healthy   ,,,GORGEOUS   LITTLE   GIRL,,,   happy   ,,loved   my   kids   right   off ,,slept   like   an   angel   in   my   bed   ,,,shiney   coat   ,,,,ect   ect   ,,,am   I   impressed   ?????   DAMN   RIGHT   I   AM   ...   probally   one   of   the   nicest   dogs   I   have   ever gotten   ,,,,   So   really   this   letter   is   to   state   that   not   all   you   hear   is   true   ,,and   sometimes   other   people   are   just   jelous   as   you   can   see   she   has   some     really   amazing      dogs   ,,,NO   ONE   would   give   them   to   her   for   free   ,,as   I   know   this   as   I   myself   breed   the   european   lines   and   know   alot   of   breeders ,,,So   in   the   end   the   question   is   would   I   reccomend   Euro   dream????   YES   I   WOULD   because   my   experience   has   been   totally   different   then   what   I have read and the dog is gorgeous ,,,and a great example of the breed :) signed Elizabeth Biancale... BIANCALESBOXERS.COM Our   search   for   a   European   boxer   began   January   2011.      We   were   not   ready   to   purchase   a   puppy   at   that   time   but   I   wanted   to   make   sure   all   my homework   was   done   before   we   made   such   a   huge   purchase   for   our   family.      We   did   a   lot   of   researching   on   euro   temperament   as   well   as standards   and   what   could   make   a   good   show   puppy.      Euro-Dream   boxers   were   one   of   the   first   breeders/exhibitors   we   came   across.      Most kennels   we   found   imported   and   bred   them   but   didn’t   show   their   dogs   themselves.      We   continued   to   watch   these   sites   and   what   they   were producing.         Somewhere   down   that   road   we   decided   we   really   liked   Euro-Dream’s   dogs…   but   that   was   short   lived   because   I   came   across   some website   allegations   regarding   her.      To   be   quiet   honest   this   scared   the   mess   out   of   me.         By   no   means   did   my   family   have   money   to   just   throw away and hope that the deal worked out and that we got a healthy, quality puppy.   Our family couldn’t afford this risk. Over   the   next   several   months   we   continued   to   watch   the   websites.      In   the   middle   of   Oct.   we   contacted   a   couple   of   breeders   regarding   their current   litters.      I   have   to   be   quiet   honest   in   my   conversations   with   some,   either   I   just   wasn’t   amused   by   their   puppies   or   I   felt   like   I   was working   too   hard   to   hold   a   conversation   with   someone   that   should   have   been   trying   to   SELL   to   me!      In   the   end,   even   though   my   head   was telling   me   it   wasn’t   worth   the   risk,   my   heart   was   in   love   with   Euro-Dream’s   Quality   Dogs   and   their   gorgeous   puppy   out   of   their   “O”   litter,   Ozzy!     I   emailed   Amanda   and   asked   several   questions   explaining   what   I   was   looking   for   and   asked   questions   regarding   health   testing   and   so   forth.      I was   very   surprised   with   the   quick   and   very   detailed   response   and   answers   to   all   of   my   questions.      Everything   appeared   great   through   email   so   I told   myself   I   had   nothing   to   lose   by   calling   and   asking   more   questions.      I   had   written   down   several   questions   to   ask   before   I   called   including the   hard   question   regarding   the   allegations   I   had   read.         I   don’t   like   pointing   fingers   but   I   couldn’t   make   a   responsible   decision   if   I   didn’t   ask those questions. I   made   the   call   to   Euro   Dream   on   October   18th.      Our   conversation   picked   up   very   quickly   and   seemed   to   flow   like   a   nice   chat   should.      Amanda answered   all   of   my   questions   and   everything   was   going   great.      Of   course   the   time   came   to   ask   the   grueling   question   regarding   the   allegations.     Amanda   was   very   quick   to   answer.      She   didn’t   hesitate   to   explain   the   situation   to   me   in   great   detail   and   also   mentioned   she   did   not   want   to sell   a   puppy   to   anyone   that   wasn’t   100%   comfortable   buying   from   her.      As   a   breeder   myself   realize   that   there   are   going   to   be   some   folks   that are   just   downright   nasty   and   will   do   anything   and   everything   to   make   you   look   bad   and   them   look   better.      By   the   end   of   our   long   phone   call,   I was   completely   confident   that   I   was   willing   to   put   my   money   and   trust   with   Amanda!         She   was   very   willing   to   work   with   our   family   and   I   was very honored to be able to get ahold of such a quality puppy.  By Oct. 20th we put a deposit down on our new baby! On   Nov.   6th   we   made   the   long   drive   to   get   our   Ozzy!      Amanda   even   offered   to   meet   up   for   no   added   expense.      This   was   great.      When   we arrived   to   get   him,   Amanda   also   had   his   sire   Zeke   and   her   other   male   Torro   with   her.      Let   me   tell   you…   photos   do   not   do   her   dogs   justice.     Even   though   they   are   very   nice   in   photos,   in   person   her   dogs   are   amazing.      We   fell   in   love   with   Ozzy   instantly.      He   was   just   the   cutest,   fattest roly-poly   pup!      For   the   majority   of   the   4   ½   hour   drive   home   he   rode   in   my   husband’s   lap.      We   were   amazed   by   how   quiet   and   calm   he   was.      Our American   puppies   would   have   been   bouncing   off   the   walls.      Not   once   did   Ozzy   whine   in   his   crate   the   first   night,   or   any   night   there-after.      He   is such   a   confident,   happy   puppy.      At   our   vet   check   both   vets   in   the   office   complimented   him   and   wanted   to   know   where   he   came   from!      Our   vet even   got   his   “good”   stethoscope   out,   lol,   to   give   him   a   listen.      Everything   came   back   great   including   a   negative   fecal.      We   are   not   sure   if   Ozzy’s temperament   is   a   typical   Euro   attitude   or   just   a   great   puppy,   but   we   are   definitely   in   love!      We   are   so   happy   that   we   entrusted   Amanda   with providing us with a Euro puppy and cannot wait to watch him grow! P.S.   Would   we   buy   from   Amanda   again?      Absolutely,   we   are   coming   back   for   a   Torro   Pup!      Would   we   recommend   our   friends   to   Euro-Dream!     Already   have!   Lol      We   are   more   than   willing   to   share   our   personal   experiences   with   anyone   who   is   interested   in   purchasing   a   puppy   from   Euro- Dream!  Nov. 23rd, 2011 I   have   been   so   excited   about   writing   this   to   you.      We   are   absolutely   in   love   with   "our   girl"   (as   you   know   we   so   fondly   like   to   call   her)!      She's   had a pretty busy schedule since we picked her up - going to work with my husband, attending football games, fraternizing with her Boxer cousins, Izzie and Ozzie, meeting the vet and meeting the trainer. She   got   an   A+   from   the   vet's   new   puppy   check   up   -   heart,   coat,   teeth,   and   weight   were   all   good!      In   our   first   training   session,   the   trainer   was very impressed with her attentiveness and her temperament - both of which are good signs for easy training. I   could   go   on   and   on   about   the   funny   things   she's   done   and   how   smart   she   is,   but   I'll   refrain.      I   will   say   that   her   looks   alone   demand   attention wherever   we   go!      And,   she's   such   a   good   girl!      She   has   already   learned   to   come   when   called   (for   a   treat,   of   course),   sit   and   walk   on   her   leash. Potty   training   is   going   really   well.      She   has   adjusted   to   her   crate,   and   loves,   loves,   loves   people.         She   hates   cold   weather   and   makes   every effort   to   potty   quickly   and   dart   for   the   door.      She   knows   where   mealtime   is   and   can   often   be   found   sitting   on   her   mat   waiting   patiently   - although   she   may   have   eaten   only   30   minutes   prior!   When   we're   settling   in   for   the   evening,   Neely   is   a   burst   of   entertainment   -   but   the   show only   lasts   about   45   minutes   until   she   crashes   for   the   night.      She   is   a   true   wiggle   butt   and   she   meets   every   other   characteristic   Boxers   are known for! Finally,   I   want   to   note   what   a   positive   experience   we   had   with   Euro-Dream.      We   believe   all   of   the   above   starts   with   a   great   breeder.      We searched   extensively   for   the   type   of   boxer   we   wanted   and   a   breeder   we   were   comfortable   with   and   we   found   Euro-Dream.      We   read   the references   posted   by   other   buyers   and   combed   your   web   page.      When   I   called   you   about   the   only   female   in   your   O   Litter,   you   were   actually going   to   keep   her   but,   lucky   for   us,   you   decided   to   give   her   up.      We   were   thrilled,   but   nervous   you   would   change   your   mind!      However,   as agreed,   we   sent   in   the   deposit   and   the   rest   is   history.      One   can   be   a   little   uneasy   sending   large   sums   of   money   based   on   word   alone.     Sometimes,   you   have   to   go   with   your   gut.      In   the   end,   you   did   everything   you   said   you   were   going   to   do   -   from   sending   pictures   and   video   (you know   how   we   loved      Wednesdays),   to   emailing   and   accommodating   our   schedules   on   the   delivery   date.   I   hope   this   can   serve   as   reference   for future Euro-dream buyers.  Your dogs are beautiful and they produce a wonderful   European   Boxer   puppies.      We   couldn't   be   more   pleased   with   our   girl   and   the   new   friendship   we've   formed   with   Euro-Dream.      We'll definitely be in touch with updates on Oliva (Ms. Neely)! 10-09-11   What   a   great   Boxer!   My   wife   and   I   are   both   in   the   Air   Force   and   I   never   thought   my   wife   would   ever   let   our   family   of   4   (2   boys   8   and 10)   get   a   puppy!   However,   after   some   research   on   the   internet   and   coming   across   Boxer   Breeders   near   St.   Louis   we   came   across   Euro   Dreams and   to   be   honest,   I   never   knew   there   was   a   difference   in   Boxers.   I   don’t   want   to   say   that   Euro   boxers   are   the   Best   dogs   in   the   world   but   I   can say   that   my   wife   took   a   look   at   the   website   and   she   was   definitely   more   comfortable   with   us   purchasing   a   puppy.   All   the   past   and   present   pups look   happy   and   healthy!   With   the   guarantee   that   they   provide   you   definitely   feel   that   they   are   not   in   the   breeder   business   for   the   money.   They take   pictures   as   they   get   older   and   give   you   updates   as   well.   They   have   the   family   history   of   all   there   pups   and   it   gave   us   a   good   feeling knowing   that   our   breeder   takes   such   great   care   of   the   puppies.   Our   first   visit   to   the   Vet   was   a   success   and   she   had   no   problems   what   so   ever. No   worms   or   fleas   or   any   of   that   stuff.   She   was   well   taken   care   of.   I   live   an   hour   east   of   St.   Louis   and   she   even   met   me   half   way   for   us   to   pick up   our   new   puppy!   Monica   is   so   smart   and   she   is   now   potty   trained   as   well!   She   loves   playing   fetch   and   taking   walks.   She   already   knows   how to   stay,   come,   sit,   shake,   lay   down   and   almost   got   her   to   rollover!!   We   are   really   happy   with   the   whole   experience!!   I   100   percent   recommend Euro Dreams!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!   Felipe Berumen Amanda   -   I   want   to   thank   you   so   much   for   being   so   great   to   work   with   and   for   being   such   an   excellent   breeder!      My   family   was   in   complete shock   when   I   brought   Sadie   (Macy)   home.      No   one   suspected   anything,   so   my   secret   remained   safe!!      My   daughter   proclaimed   it   the   best   day   of her life.  Thanks for your help with that. As   you   know,   I   was   hesitant   to   get   a   new   dog   as   we   have   had   2   boxers   in   the   past   and   I   know   the   work   that   goes   into   having   a   puppy.     However,   Sadie   has   been   nothing   short   of   wonderful!      She   adjusted   quickly   to   our   home   and   in   just   over   a   week,   she   has   learned   several commands   and   I   believe   she   is   well   on   her   way   to   being   housebroken   already!      She   is   so   smart!      Her   tempermant   is   outstanding.      For   a   female boxer, she is incredibly calm.  She is extremely loving and follows us all around the house so she can snuggle up next to us. I   couldn't   be   happier   with   Sadie.      I   know   I   made   a   great   decision   getting   a   boxer   puppy   from   you   and   will   happily   refer   anyone   to   purchase from you in the future.  Thanks again. Michelle Sinks 9-6-11 My   husband   and   I   had   been   looking   at   websites   for   european   bred   boxers.      We   were   looking   for   a   euro   boxer   for   their   health   benefits   and stockier   looks.      We   had   just   recently   lost   our   fur   baby,   Marshall,   to   boxer   cardiomyopathy.   He   was   only   9   years   old.      So   with   that   were   looking for   a   new   healthy   bred   puppy.      We   are   absolutely   heart   broken   over   the   loss   of   our   boy.      It's   just   my   husband   and   I   and   our   dogs   are   like   our kids.      We   miss   that   sweet   baby   so   much.      We   have   another   dog,   Meatball,   our   old   english   bulldog   and   he   was   missing   his   brother   bad.      We   felt Meatball   needed   some   excitement   in   his   life   and   so   did   we.      That's   why   we   thought   it   was   time   for   a   new   puppy   in   our   family.      This   time though   we   were   definitely   putting   more   thought   into   finding   a   healthy   puppy,   instead   of   just   some   random   poorly   bred   dog   from   someone's backyard.  Thats when we found Amanda's site Euro Dream Boxers and instantly feel in love with her Boxers.  We   emailed   her   about   her   baby   boy   from   the   "M"   litter   out   of   Zeke   and   Akira,"Morgan"   (that   we   now   call   Tucker   Bones),   and   quickly   got   a response   from   her   and   it   was   the   beginning   of   a   great   friendship.      Amanda   is   knowledgeable   and   truly   cares   for   her   boxers.         She   understood my   concerns   in   wanting   to   find   a   healthy   dog,   considering   what   we   had   just   went   through   with   losing   our   baby   to   the   heart   condition.      She   was patient   with   me   and   was   more   than   happy   to   send   me   Tucker's   mom   and   dad's   health   test   results   and   their   veterinarians   phone   number.      She answered   all   my   questions   and   still   does.   We   LOVE   our   new   addition   and   are   floored   by   the   intelligence   that   he   has   shown   since   day   one!      He quickly   adapted   to   his   new   environment   and   picked   right   up   on   several   basic   commands   like   sit,   come,   lay,   and   high   five   in   just   a   matter   of days. Tucker is amazing, not to mention beautiful!  Thank you, Amanda you truly made our Euro Dream a reality!! Shawna, Scotty, Meatball, and Tucker Carver Amanda!   This   is   the      most   amazing   puppy      I   have   ever   known!!      She   has   the   greatest   disposition!      I   am   sooo   in   love   with   her!      I   cannot   believe how   smart   she   is!      She   is   very   happy!   And   adjusting   well   to   her   new   home!!      My   kids   are   thrilled!      She   is   for   sure   MY   pup!      She   just   follows   me everywhere! Very smart!!  Props to you!!  Such a happy family we are!! Allison Kamuf  08-29-11 Words   simply   cannot   express   how   wonderful   you   were   to   my   family   and   I!      We   called   you   spur   of   the   moment   and   requested   a   home   visit   and you   did   not   blink   an   eye!      We   will   be   new   to   the   boxer   community   and   meeting   and   interacting   with   them   at   your   home   surely   has   her   hearts taken   by   such   a   fun   and   loving   breed.      We   thank   you   so   much   for   opening   your   home   to   our   family,   not   even   knowing   if   we   would   take   a puppy   or   not.      That   really   speaks   volumes   for   your   compassion   and   spirit   that   you   have.      We   certainly   cannot   wait   to   visit   again   and   hope   to adopt   a   Euro-Dream   puppy   in   the   very   near   future!      The   dogs   were   simply   breath   taking   with   the   most   shinny   coats   I   have   ever   seen!      I encourage ANYONE looking for boxer to phone Amanda, you most certainly will not be disappointed that you did :) Karla - August 24th 2011 Hi   Amanda,   I   hope   everything   is   going   well   with   you.   I   just   wanted   to   thank   you   for   being   such   a   good   breeder.   I   still   expend   time   opening your website and looking the pictures of your dogs and Lincoln parents. Aivengo Andreas (Andre) is a gorgeous boxer.    I   couldn't   meet   you   in   person   for   obvious   reasons,   the   distance.   But   I   couldn't   be   happier   with   your   attention,   kindness,   patience   and   help   with all the E-mails I sent you and questions.    Lincoln   is   a   great   puppy   and   we   also   love   his   name   LINCOLN   like   the   president   :)).   He   is   alert   and   to   my   commands,   playful,   gentle,   a   loyal puppy. He is laidback, a sleeper and also a smart puppy for such a young age. Our boys (6 year old twins) love him.  Crate training with him is easy; walking him on the leash is great. Usually   he   doesn't   pull   if   so,   he   listens   to   my   correction.   Another   thing,   if   I   am   in   some   place   waiting   for   something,   he   sits   down   to   my   left side   waiting   calmly   with   me.   All   I   can   say   it's   WOW,   I   am   impressed   or   WE   are   all   impress   with   his   behavior.   My   husband   says   that   he   is   the perfect   dog   for   us,   well   behaved   (He   was   expecting   a   little   chaos   at   home   as   usual   for   a   regular   puppy   hahahah).   It   has   been   a   month   since   we got   him   (April   22/11)   and   so   far   he   isn't   an   annoying   dog,   he   rarely   barks   unless   I   am   playing   with   him   with   his   favorite   talking   ball.   He   hasn't break or damage anything in our home. When   he   try   to   get   something   from   our   home   beside   his   toys,   I   just   say   NO   and   he   leaves   it   right   away   and   ignores   it   then   I   give   him   one   of   his toys as an exchange. :))))) He loves water and also to swim with us even though Boxers aren't water dogs as far as I know. Amanda,   I   grew   up   my   all   life   around   dogs   and   I   have   knowledge   in   training   dogs   for   obvious   reasons.   I   had   since   a   miniature   Pinscher, German   shepherd,   Dalmatian,   Pointer   to   a   beautiful   black   Labrador   retriever   that   I   still   have   in   my   country   with   my   parents   (His   name Maximiliano or Max. Now he is the little boy of my parents since I don't have siblings). Lincoln has been one of my top 3 easiest dogs to train. HUGS AND KISSES from Lincoln to his old mommy. :))))) Here are some pictures. He is also a Dog Model. haha Karina Vitola Hi Amanda, how are you? Everything is going really good with Lincoln. He is really laid back, playful and a sleeper. hahaha :))) Here are some pictures of him. :))) so cute. Karina Vitola 05-11-2011
To   Whom   It   May   Concern:   I   have   been   breeding   this   amazing   breed   of   dogs   (boxers)   for   over   11   years   ,   I am   from   canada   and   have   one   of   the   best   reputations   for   my   dogs   and   for   my   ways   of   breeding   ..I   have dealt   with   many   many   people   and   breeders   over   the   11   years   and   have   much   experience   in   this   field   ,   I want   to   write   this   letter   to   tell   my   experience   with   Euro   dream..I   actually   first   spoke   to   Amanda   from   Euro dream   by   coincidence..I   had   a   friend   on   facebook   who   requested   friends   from   me   because   she   loved   my dogs,,we   became   friends   for   many   many   years   until   one   day   the   women(Angie   Brooks)   from   Brookside boxers   )   approached   me   with   a   email   asking   if   I   would   be   interested   in   buying   2   of   her   females   off   her   as she   was   in   finacial   problems...At   that   time   I   was   not   really   interested   because   I   am   small   and   dont   want   a ton of dogs as I keep them all in my home , at first I said no ,,then changed my mind as one
WE HAVE BOXER PUPPIES AVAILABLE Please email us for information. Feel free to also visit us on facebook at our Euro Dream Boxers page