Where   you   will   find   TOP   Quality   European   conformation   and   working   dogs.   Please   enjoy our   home   on   the   web   where   you   will   find   a   parade   of   wonderful   examples   of   the   boxer breed!      We   take   great   pride   in   producing   the   best   quality   boxer   puppies   Europe   has   to offer   right   here   in   the   United   States!      Strictly   European   Boxers   where   quality,   health,   and temperament   matter.      Why   import   when   you   can   purchase   the   same   quality   right   here   in the   United   States   with   no   worries   of   paperwork   and   health   guarantee's   that   matter.      We are   very   proud   of   our   accomplishments   and   encourage   you   to   take   a   look   at   our   photos, health testing, reviews, and what is in store for us here at Euro-Dream.
 exactly which dogs would be perfect for our family and was patient with us while we made decisions. I   would   highly   recommend   Amanda   for   her   professionalism   and   more   than   anything   her   focus   in   ethical   breeding   of   quality   boxers.   Health   and temperament are top priorities and in a world of over bred dogs you cannot ask for more out of a breeder. Teresa and Jon, California March 7th, 2011 Amanda, Thank   you   so   much   for   allowing   us   to   bring   Ike   into   our   home.      He   has   been   an   amazing   addition   to   our   family.      Not   only   is   he   an   unbelievably handsome boy, but his temperment is incredible.  The kids love him so much and he tolerates it all with a smile on his face. Working with you was such a great experience.  I will be giving you a call when we are ready for number two. Thanks for everything, Charlie, Liz, Kaitlyn, Ryan, Anderson, and Anna Mescher  Feb 05, 2011 To: EuroDreamBoxers, (Amanda and Family)... My   husband   and   I   found   One   day   searching   for   a   puppy   boxer,   We   were   looking   for   a   TOP   QUALITY   EUROPEAN   BOXER. We   Def.   found   that   with   Amanda's   Boxers.   Amanda   did   everything   she   could   to   help   us   get   our   dog   up   to   where   we   live.   "Pretty   far   from   where she   is   located",   but   she   made   it   work   for   a   very   reasonable   price.   I   cannot   even   explain   to   anyone   how   happy   we   are   with   our   new   addition   to the   family   from   Euro   Dream   Boxers.   My   Family   will   NEVER   go   elsewhere   to   get   another   boxer   Babbie.   Amanda   has   the   Prettiest   ,Healthiest,   Well Tempered   puppy's   around.   When   we   got   our   puppy   the   first   thing   we   did   was   bring   him   to   our   vet,   they   were   very   pleased   with   the   amount   of effort   Amanda   put   into   her   puppy   before   sending   him   to   our   family.      The   vet   told   us   he   had   above   and   beyond   the   shots   he   was   supposed   to have.   We   didn't   need   to   get   him   anything,   she   sent   him   with   a   big   ol'   bag   of   food,   and   asked   us   what   color   collar   we   wanted   him   to   have   and what   color   toys,   (A   little   spoiled..   ya   Think??)   lol   so   he   came   with   a   blue   collar   with   a   little   bell   attached   to   it,   a   blue   blanket   and   a   little   bear with   a   blue   hat,   So   he   had   a   toy   for   the   Ride   down.   He   had   all   of   his   shots   and   and   he   was   very   well   fed   and   freshly   bathed   before   he   came, nice   and   plump   and   wrinkly   like   a   little   puppy   should   be.   Thank   you   so   much   Amanda   @   EuroDreamBoxers   you   produce   the   most   gorgeous dogs,   you   cant   find   Many   "Reputable"   breeders   these   days   and   Amanda   Is   a   very   Reputable   and   intelligent   breeder.   "She   knows   her   stuff".   LOL My   Family   and   I   Will   be   getting   another   Sibling   of   hogan   from   Amanda   @   EuroDreamBoxers      ,   When   Konner   now   hogan   gets   a   little   bit   bigger, he needs a partner In action lol.  Also, My Friends and In-laws are looking into buying a Beautiful EuroDreamBoxer.. *****   If   you   or   anyone   Else   are   looking   into      a   Well   behaved,   Great   looking,   TOP   QUALITY   BOXER   all   around   PERFECT   Dog   and   breeder,   Don't think twice! GO TO and contact this wonderful Family. You wont be disappointed. ******* THANKS AGAIN AMANDA FOR EVERYTHING - The Pollini's Feb.2nd, 2011 Hi Amanda, I   would   really   love   to   thank   you   for   my   baby   girl   miss   Ivory,she   is   the   best   bred   and   loving   puppy   ever,from   day   one   everybody   has   loved   her from   the   time   she   came   off   the   plane   and   i   picked   her   up,even   my   local   police   department,she   is   pretty   much   house   broke   now.   She   in   now   in training   to   be   a   service   dog   for   myself   when   she   is   grown,i   could   not   ask   for   a   better   puppy   then   my   Ivory.   I   couldnt   have   delt   with   a   better person then you amanda THANK YOU so much. Thanx so much from Amanda W. from South Carolina - Dec. 15th, 2010 I   just   wanted   to   thank   you   so   much   for   Isolde.   She   has   fit   in   perfectly   with   our   family(human   and   canine).   I   can't   believe   how   easy   it   was   to work   with   you   at   Euro-Dream   to   make   our   own   Dream   come   true.   Her   Bloodlines   are   to   die   for   and   her   structure   and   conformation   is   awe inspiring!   She   is   so   playful   even   the   day   she   flew   in!   She   love   to   play   with   the   kids   and   chase   feet   and   she   is   easily   entertained.   She   can   keep herself   busy   without   getting   into   trouble.   She   has   slept   thru   the   night   from   day   one!!!      She   is   almost   completely   housebroke   she   already   asks at   the   door   to   go   out,   she   also   has   yet   to   have   an   accident   in   her   crate!   She   is   so   loveable   she   loves   to   lay   in   your   arms   like   a   baby   and snuggle.   She   has   NO   FEAR...   she   already   lets   us   know   when   someone   is   at   the   door!   We   were   stopped   multiple   times   within   the   first   10 minutes off the plane, everyone wanted to pat her and couldn't stop telling us how GORGEOUS she was ( like we didn't know). Euro-Dream   knows   what   they   are   doing!!!   We   plan   to   get   another   pup   from   Euro-Dream   and   continue   to   work   with   them   as   long   as   possible! Thank You Euro-Dream for helping us get to the NEXT level!!! THANK YOU FROM LAHAXA KENNELS IN MAINE Just   wanted   to   thank   you   again   for   our   wonderful   addition   to   our   family.      We   named   him   Zeus   (Indigo)   and   he's   so   incredibly   smart.      Training   is really   easy   with   him.      He's   now   10   weeks   old   and   we're   working   on   crate   training,   working   on   leash,   sit   and   stay.      He   will   be   going   to   puppy class   at   the   end   of   November   at   a   local   vet   hospital.      Then   we   will   continue   with   obedience   training.      Also,   he's   such   a   cuddle   bug   -   he   always crawls   right   into   my   lap   at   the   end   of   the   day.      I've   sent   a   couple   of   pictures.      I   can't   wait   to   take   him   hiking   next   year.      My   bulldog   (Penelope) loves   him   and   our   boxer   (Roman)   "tolerates"   him.            I   really   love   all   of   my   dogs   and   appreciate   the   different   qualities   and   characteristics   that each   one   offers.      I   hope   you   stick   around   because   I   foresee   another   boxer   from   you   in   the   future   -   down   the   road   of   course.      Thanks   again Amanda for everything.  Chad, Theresa and Ethan Snyder - Nov. 9th 2010 I   would   like   to   say   thank   you   to   Amanda   for   helping   us   so   much   in   finding   another   loving   boxer   after   our   6   year   old   boxer   Rommel   died unexpectedly   this   year   of   Boxer   Cardiomyopathy.      Amanda   was   so   caring   and   understood   what   we   had   been   through.      Rommel   was   a   huge   part of   our   family   and   we   can   never   replace   him.      However,   Amanda   was   there   to   answer   every   question   we   had   when   it   came   time   to   get   another beautful   boxer   puppy.      She   took   the   time   to   send   us   photos   and   never   once   pushed   us   to   purchase   or   make   any   quick   decision   to   pick   one   of her   beautiful   dogs.      Our   little   pup   is   now   only   9   weeks   old   and   is   a   testament   to   the   care   she   gave   to   him.      Strong,   bold,   and   feisty,   Ilya   is   a beautiful   example   of   conformation   and   head   type.      We   love   him   already!      We   can't   wait   to   pick   up   our   next   pup   in   about   3   more   weeks!      Get ready, Ilya, here comes Jacob!  Thank   you   so   much   Amanda,   we   hope   to   have   a   long   lasting   relationship   with   you   and   your   dogs!      Send   me   more   photos   of   Jacob!         Randy   and Shawn Willmott Georgetown, KY - Nov. 6th, 2010 I   have   a   beautiful   Brindle   female   from   Amanda   of   Euro-Dream   Boxers.   I   have   had   her   over   1   yr.   Her   sire   is   Charodey.   At   the   age   of   5   ½   mo   I   was able   to   show   her   in   IABCA   and   she   was   titled   International   and   National   Ch.   She   has   a   beautiful   temperament.   I   have   recommended   Amanda, Euro-Dream   Boxers   to   several   people   in   the   past   and   will   continue   to   send   others   to   her   for   future   puppies.   She   is   an   honest   caring   breeder that   backs   up   what   she   produces.   Her   Boxers   are   beautiful,   healthy   with   wonderful   temperaments.   I   look   forward   to   getting   another   pup   from her in the future. 11/06/2010 Sandi Dunn Dunnford Boxers I   would   like   to   take   this   time   to   tell   you   about   the   business   side   of   Euro   Dream   as   well   as   the   personal   side   of   the   woman   behind   the   name. Amanda   and   I   became   friends   in   this   boxers   world   eight   years   ago.   Leaving   the   pet   world   wanting   to   better   the   breed   and   puppies   we producing   so   we   leaped   into   the   American   Show   world!   We   traveled   across   several   states   from   show   to   show   and   we   had   a   blast   doing   so.   After a   while   a   bright   soul   stabled   on   a   web   site   filled   with   beautiful   huge   German   boxers   and   the   fever   began.   Over   the   last   three   years   we   have focused   all   our   time   on   researching   pedigrees   and   bloodlines   for   the   best   European   Boxers   you   can   find   here   in   the   United   States.   Even   though we   live   hours   apart,   we   get   the   chance   every   once   in   a   while   to   visit   each   other   and   I   can   tell   you   her   whole   day   is   spent   with   these   beautiful animals.   From   the   time   the   sun   comes   up   the   work   begins   from   feeding   to   cleaning   and   last   but   certainly   not   least,   the   puppies.   None   of   these puppies   are   raised   outside   in   the   weather!   All   puppies   are   raised   inside   with   mom   where   it   is   away   from   any   weather   conditions.   From   the beautiful boys to the elegant girls, she has spent time showing and importing the best of the best and we intend to keep it that way!! Bernadette - Euro Legacy Boxers - 11/04/10 Hi Amanda! I've attached a zip file with some recent pics of Hogan we now call Logan and Beans, my 6 year old female Roxer (Rotweiller X Boxer).  We're   enrolled   in   our   first   AKC   Obedience   class   starting   November   8!   I'm   really   excited   to   start   -   already   have   a   'bait   bag'   and   yummy   PB-nanas bait that he loves almost as much as he loves regular bananas. Without a doubt, he is the light and love of my life! THANK YOU for such a fine boy!!! Ann Abbott - 10/27/10 UPDATE: Hi   Amanda   -   Hope   you   enjoy   the   5   pics   attached   and   feel   free   to   use   any   for   your   web   site.   Logan   just   keeps   on   getting   better   and   more precious   as   he   grows   up!   You   produce   some   absolutely   FABULOUS   pups,   Amanda   -   thanks   for   letting   Logan   come   live   with   me!!      Kind   Regards, AnnHi Amanda!  I've attached a zip file with some recent pics of Hogan we now call Logan and Beans, my 6 year old female Roxer (Rotweiller X Boxer).  We're   enrolled   in   our   first   AKC   Obedience   class   starting   November   8!   I'm   really   excited   to   start   -   already   have   a   'bait   bag'   and   yummy   PB-nanas bait that he loves almost as much as he loves regular bananas. Without a doubt, he is the light and love of my life! THANK YOU for such a fine boy!!! Ann Abbott - 10/27/10 UPDATE: Hi   Amanda   -   Hope   you   enjoy   the   5   pics   attached   and   feel   free   to   use   any   for   your   web   site.   Logan   just   keeps   on   getting   better   and   more precious   as   he   grows   up!   You   produce   some   absolutely   FABULOUS   pups,   Amanda   -   thanks   for   letting   Logan   come   live   with   me!!      Kind   Regards, Ann Amanda, Thank   you   so   much   for   everything   with   Hallie   Von   Euro-Dream!      She   is   awesome   and   as   healthy   as   can   be.      Deffinitely   keeps   me   and   my   lady on   our   toes,   she   has   a   perfect   temperament   and   gets   along   with   all   our   babies.      Once   again,   thank   you   for   everything   and   keeping   us   posted on   everything   until   she   was   ready   to   come   to   us.      We   will   keep   you   posted   on   her   development   and   send   lots   of   photos!      Was   a   pleasure   doing business with you and look forward to doing business with you again the future. Thank you for everything - John and Johanna - Sept. 2010 My   husband   and   I   bought   “Hector”   from   Amanda   and   we   are   so   pleased   with   him.   He   is   just   the   sweetest   and   most   loving   puppy   we   have   ever brought   home.   Amanda   told   us   that   Hector   was   the   calmest   puppy   in   his   litter   and   I   was   thinking   a   puppy   calm?   However,   she   didn’t   lie!   Hector is   so   good   natured   and   is   so   chill.   Did   I   mention   that   he   is   sweet   and   so   cute?   Amanda   is   so   easy   to   get   along   with   and   wonderful   to   do business   with.   Amanda   cares   about   her   puppies   and   cares   about   the   fact   that   they   are   placed   with   a   good   home.   Amanda   is   always   there   to answer   your   questions   and   she   is   the   most   helpful   person   I   have   ever   meet   when   discussing   the   breed   and   their   needs.   Amanda   is   very knowledgeable   about   the   breed   and   we   are   looking   forward   to   buying   another   puppy   from   her   very   soon!   I   can’t   say   thank   you   enough   to Amanda   for   all   of   her   help!   I   would   recommend   Von   Euro   Dream   to   anyone   looking   for   the   perfect   European   boxer!      Thank   you   so   much!      Lisa Hurst - Sept. 2010 Just   wanted   to   let   you   know   that   you   have   amazing   dogs.      I   have   heard   very   good   things   about   your   kennel   and   how   you   stand   behind   your puppies   with   your   health   guarantee.      If   I   only   would   have   known   about   your   kennel   before   I   learned   the   hard   way.      Some   breeders/importers just   don't   care   about   the   health   of   the   dogs   once   they   have   got   their   money   and   the   pups   with   their   new   owners.      Their   health   guarantees basically   mean   nothing   and   they   do   nothing   once   their   is   a   problem.         It's   very   frustrating!      Hopefully   others   will   do   their   research   on   kennels before   they   import   or   buy   a   puppy   from   a   kennel!      You   don't   always   get   the   cute   healthy   puppy   in   the   picture!      I   will   definitely   keep   your kennel in mind the next time around!  Thank you,  Leslie Evans - July 15th, 2010 Thank   You   once   again   Euro-Dream   for   another   Amazing   puppy.   We   couldnt   be   happier   with   this   beautiful   girl!!   Her   &   her   half   sister   have bonded,   &   are   adorable   together.   I   can't   wait   to   see   how   she   matures.   I   know   she'll   be   AWESOME.   Very   happy   to   have   another   puppy   from   your Beautiful   Champion   Chardoey.   Thank   you   for   your   quick   responses,   pictures   &   again   for   another   healthy   Beautiful   Boxer.   Look   forward   to getting a male from you Very soon!! Jessica Anderson - July 19th, 2010 Thanks   so   much   for   caring   about   Cosmo   Amanda.      He's   grown   so   much   since   I   picked   him   up   in   that   little   crate   at   the   airport.      He's   everything I wanted in a dog, he s got the look and the heart... a huge loving and playful heart.  Keep up the great work Amanda, your dogs are special. June 19th, 2010 - thai We   have   been   owned   by   American   Boxers   for   the   last   10   years,   but   have   always   had   an   interest   in   the   working   Boxers   bred   from   European bloodlines.   After   our   American   Boy   passed,   we   decided   that   our   next   Boxer   would   be   a   Euro.   After   months   of   trial   and   (many)   error's   in   our search   for   the   perfect   Boxer,   we   stumbled   upon   Amanda   and   her   beautiful   Boxers.   From   the   beginning   it   was   very   clear   that   she   was   not   only selective   in   her   breeding   program,   but   the   families   in   which   her   puppies   were   placed.   We   were   immediately   drawn   by   her   overall   knowledge about   not   only   her   dogs,   but   their   pedigrees   (lineage,   not   just   the   first   three   generations   either),   health,   and   overall   temperament.   She   was extremely   knowledgeable   about   each   of   her   dogs   heritage   and   purpose.   When   we   told   her   what   we   were   looking   for,   but   admitted   we   admired one   of   her   males   in   particular,   she   instead   directed   us   towards   another   puppy   who   was   our   of   a   different   sire.   She   told   us   that   for   what   we were   looking   for   this   puppy   would   fit   the   best.   Even   when   we   hesitated   not   once   did   she   mention   the   puppy   we   originally   wanted.   She   told   us this   one   would   fit   what   we   wanted,   whereas   the   others   would   not   and   stuck   to   it.   She   sent   us   dozens   of   photograph's   of   the   puppy   she   had recommended   for   us,   and   was   available   day   and   night   to   answer   the   many,   oh   so   many   questions   we   had.   After   we   finally   decided   to   move forward   with   the   puppy   she   had   picked   out   for   us,   we   sent   payment,   and   he   was   on   his   way.   He   arrived   very   late,   and   she   stayed   awake   (well past   midnight   her   time)   to   make   sure   he   landed   and   was   ok.   Not   only   was   he   as   gorgeous   as   his   photo's   but,   his   personality   was   one   of   a   kind. He   has   turned   out   to   be   an   amazing   dog.   He   is   everything   we   could   have   wanted   and   more.   He   is   wonderful   with   our   children,   and   is   just   a wonderful   member   of   our   family.   We   will   without   a   doubt   be   getting   our   next   Boxer   from   Amanda.   And   would   encourage   anyone   who   is looking   for   a   healthy,   well   adjusted   European   Boxer,   to   make   their   first   stop   Euro-Dream   Boxers.   Amanda   is   without   a   doubt   one   of   those breeders who are genuine and few and far between! ~ June 10th, 2010 Casino's Family Denver, Colorado ("C Litter" Terro X Annika)
Hi Amanda, Sorry this has taken me so long but hopefully better late than never!    We   have   brought   two   beautiful   boxers   to   our   home   from   Euro   Dream,   Cassius   from   the   "C"   litter   and Posey   from   the   "K"   litter.   Cassius   is   by   far   the   most   beautiful   boxer   we   have   ever   seen.   We   got   stopped almost   every   day   by   someone   telling   us   how   beautiful   he   is.   More   than   just   beauty,   he   is   sweet,   lovable and   a   perfect   boxer.   Posey   is   one   of   the   most   loving,   cuddly   dogs   I   have   ever   met.   She   is   feisty,   very smart   and   a   great   snuggle   bug.   Both   of   then   have   yet   to   meet   a   person   or   dog   they   did   not   fall   in   love with and kiss to death. Amanda was great to work with, honest, and kept us updated through the whole process. She knew
WE HAVE BOXER PUPPIES AVAILABLE Please email us for information. Feel free to also visit us on facebook at our Euro Dream Boxers page