Where you will find TOP Quality European conformation and working dogs. Please enjoy our home on the web where you will find a parade of wonderful examples of the boxer breed! We take great pride in producing the best quality boxer puppies Europe has to offer right here in the United States! Strictly European Boxers where quality, health, and temperament matter. Why import when you can purchase the same quality right here in the United States with no worries of paperwork and health guarantee's that matter. We are very proud of our accomplishments and encourage you to take a look at our photos, health testing, reviews, and what is in store for us here at Euro-Dream.
We are so thrilled with the addition of Fiona to our family of boxers and humans. Our experience of working with Amanda has been excellent. Thanks for everything, Amanda. Marilyn Schulz - May 15th, 2010. Amanda, I had spent much time looking for a top quality boxer that I would be able to make a close relationship with. After searching for months I came across and was amazed with the great reviews and quality of boxers they had to offer. After looking over the site I began to look at the available litters and chose the "J" litter. Right off the bat Jackson caught my eye and I knew I had to have him. Soon after I came across Jackson I contacted Amanda and got a response immediately. The next day I went to meet up with Amanda to take home my new buddy. Once Jackson got home he soon warmed up to his new surroundings. I then decided to change his name to Boomer because I loved the name and felt it matched him well. Boomer is an amazing boxer with a great personality he loves to be around people and other dogs. He is an amazing inside dog with a very chill and loving personality giving everyone kisses but when he isn't inside he's in the yard or on a walk and LOVES it. If he had a choice he would be fetching the ball and curiously searching the backyard all day long. He quickly learned some commands come, sit, shake, fetch and down and I am now working on roll over. After spending the past months with my new buddy I wouldn't change it for anything and would encourage anyone looking for a top quality boxer to check out what Amanda has to offer. Amanda, thank you for my new buddy I couldn't be happier! Chris Adams 04-30-11 Hi Amanda, My family and I would like to thank you so much for our wonderful puppy Lexi. She is the most precious and beautiful puppy in the world. My son's friends (ages 10 and 12) said she is the prettiest puppy they've ever seen. Now that's saying tons coming from these little men! We would also like to thank you for such a pleasant experience. Your passion and love for boxers is so awesome and it definitely showed in your 'goodbye' with Lexi. We are so excited to have found you. We also appreciated that you drove to meet us part of the way. The 12 hour drive each way would have been brutal. It also gave us the opportunity to meet you in person along with Lexi's daddy Andre. He's a beautiful boxer as well. When we returned home my sister said she's even more beautiful in person. She said we should drive back and get her one I can't wait to start walking her to show her off to all the neighbors. Thanks so much for our new joy! Randy, Julaine and Nick Zuelzke April 11, 2011 I just wanted to tell you that I was just at your website and you have some very beautiful dogs!! (Don't ever get tired of hearing that - bc you deserve it! ) Kyra is a spittin image of layla! Wow and kobe .... I can't even say how gorgeous he is!! Seriously Amanda your dogs are beautiful!!!!! Michelle 04-26-11 Our experience with Amanda was nothing short of stunning. I began looking for quality boxers online a year ago and couldn’t find but two breeders online that had the quality dogs I wanted. The other was the breeder that just won at Westminster, who didn’t have any pups available, however I must say despite this sounding dramatic Amanda’s dogs were more appealing to me. I had a woman try to discourage me from purchasing with Amanda who did scare me initially, but it turned out I found out later in my transaction just why this would be so. Amanda was thorough in the procedure. I bugged her to death, and every time I ask for a photo or video I had it in less than an hour via email. Now that’s service. She loves these dogs like they are her children. Upon arrival at Amanda’s house the puppies were in the yard in the sun, just as happy as could be. I shook Amanda’s hand and went and laid down inside the puppy pen so they could all maul and lick my face. The pen was so clean I came up with nothing more than puppy salvia on me where they were kissing me. I’m happy and so were all the puppies. All clean. All healthy. From their we went in the house to meet the sire, Andres. All I can say is in all my years on the planet I have never seen a more stunning dog of any breed in my life. He literally left me speechless. No photo nor video can do Andres (the sire justice). He wrestled with me on the floor. I have never seen such charisma nor power in a dog in my life. A pure happy athlete. I was stunned. Then we got to meet all the dogs. They were of very high quality. So was Amanda. She was through with recent health checkups, papers, pedigrees, etc. She sent home a toy and food, and even a blanket so the puppy can smell the litter and not be lonely away from the rest of the litter. This is the work of an artist. If you buy anything outside of Amanda on boxers you are making a big mistake. I am a CEO of a Major Corporation and deal with businessmen and business women all over the United States. I know quality and passion when I see it, as my own company is backed by 15 Fortune 500 Companies. Get this the average 8 week old boxer pup should weigh 7 to 8 pounds. Mine weighed 11 ½. Oh yeah. These dogs are muscled up and healthy to the core. I will be buying more dogs from Amanda. Anybody that says anything less is jealous. My puppy, Elijah, sleeps upstairs right now and was bouncing all over the house tonight entertaining everyone. Thank you Amanda. If you would like to contact me for reference feel free to post all my contact info. I truly am amazed. The boxer pup was so beautiful that my two sons who have their own dogs were half jealous when we returned home with what we call the “Rolls Royce” of the dogs in the house. 03-26-2011 Darrin Bradley, IMB Outfitters 30275 Liberty Park Place Macon, MO 63552 Toll Free 866-855-7063 or cell at 660-651-7900 Thank you Amanda, for allowing us to purchase one of your amazing puppies here in CANADA!!! We are pleased to add exceptional quality such as Guyzer to our family, he is the sweetest puppy we have ever purchased. Thanks to Amanda and her knowledge and love for the breed we are able have such a well bred,classy, family orientated Boxer. This experience with Amanda has been amazing, and we most definitely will be back for another puppy in the future. I thought living here in Canada was going to be difficult getting our baby home safe and sound, and Amanda made it seem like it was a "walk in the park"..... I was update on a regular basis with pictures, shared and gave helpful tips advice. This is a world class breeder who knows and loves the breed. I recommend anyone whom is thinking about purchasing and adding a New addition to there family to get into contact with Amanda at Euro-Dream Boxers. Thanks again, Kristin Ketter, Guyzer and Family!!! April.29./2010.........Prince George, British Columbia........Canada Amanda was amazing to work with, providing detailed personality traits of Frosty ('Cooper' to us!), sending updated pictures and even videos. She raised a confident, socialized, healthy, very handsome little white boxer that we are thrilled to have. We were looking for a calmer, mellower dog and when she shared stories about him it was obvious he would be a perfect fit for our household. And he is. Wonderful experience - Thank you Amanda!! RA Romero, Los Angeles CA - April 28th, 2010 Hi Amanda - Nice to hear from you. He (Frosty) is doing great. Everywhere we go, people stop to fawn over him - with a face like that it would be very hard not to. :) He's showered with love 24/7. Doesn't have a mean bone in his body, he's the darling of doggie day care, has a strong prey drive (has brought assorted backyard critters to me), rides in car with head out window or quietly curled up sleeping, well-trained in many areas but not all... :D Whopping 72lbs. Funny as hell in everything he does. Here's a few pics (check out F-litter) from this year. Hope all is well with you and the business! 04-06-11 Rylee-Ann I purchased my stud dog Bruno from Amanda at Euro-Dream. During the process she helped me out with information about the puppy as i requested it. She was very good and prompt on getting back to me and included pictures. I have looked for euro boxers for awhile and had a really bad experience with my first one. She did everything in her power to even help me with that situation. She has exceptional knowledge of boxers and would never second guess her. I am a breeder myself and have learned a lot from Amanda keep in touch quite a bit and checking up on Bruno. Most people after they buy or sell a dog are never heard from again. She takes great pride in her dogs and it shows. I am very excited to have that addition from her to add to my kennel. Thanks Amanda, Derek Lange Harmony, MN - April 7th, 2010 We have gotten a male and female european boxer from Amanda in the past year and they have grown to be just awesome dogs! I have raised American boxers (which I grew up around) for 6 years now and have fallen in love with the European boxers. Enough so that I am probably going to go full european. Amanda is a very honest, upfront, breeder who is very knowledgeable about the boxer breed. You can tell by her interaction with her dogs and puppies that she has a deep appreciation and respect for the breed. Her dogs are her babies! She has done a great job in producing some quality puppies for people, including myself, to love and enjoy for a long time. Stephanie Nixdorf - Feb. 11th, 2010 We recently puchased Dannika & Dasha from Euro-Dream. Amanda was Awesome, we received many many pictures, great communication, fast responses. The girls have the best personality's, there healthy & sooo playful. They have great heads, and beautiful dark brindle coats. This is our 3 time purchasing from Amanda (euro-dream) and we just couldnt be happier with all 3 of our girls from them! They are even more stunning in person than pictures! The hard work & quality of there boxers show! There just beautiful, and unlike anything i have seen while searching for the perfect euro-boxers.. They came to us pre-spoiled. I was suprised how fast they took up with our family. Most puppies are shy the first couple days. Not these two girls! They have not stopped playing since they arrive, there exactly what we were looking for & more! Jessica Anderson Jan. 16th, 2010 After many months of looking at breeders and trying to decide between an American or European Boxer we came across Amanda and Euro- Dream Boxers. Over the course of a couple days Amanda spent several hours on the phone with us answering all of our questions... and that was before we even talked about any of her puppies. We ended up buying Dozer from Amanda and we couldn't be happier! Everwhere we take him people go nuts over him. He has been healthy, happy and has the best personality of any puppy we have ever had. He is as smart as can be and within a couple of days was already going to the back door to be let out. Our kids (3 & 6) love him to death and he is great with them. We have already talked about buying another puppy from Amanda in the near future. For anyone looking at a European boxer we would recommend Amanda in a heart beat! Thanks for everything! Josh and Britt - Dec. 29th 2009 I am Olivia Breys mother and I felt compelled to email you. I cannot tell you how singularly impressed I am with Easton/better known to us as Finley. He is so bright, intelligent and sweet!! He has brought so much joy to my daughter during this particularly difficult time, the first important holiday after her husband died. His energy, humor and gentleness is amazing. You have done an incredible job of breeding and maintaining your bloodlines. The vet who checked him could not believe how respectful and calm he was. I went to the appointment and was just slack jawed at how he stood patiently while palpated, shots were given and how he licked the tip of Dr. Campbell's nose after all was said and done. To say thank you seems so small, yet it all I can say for giving my daughter an amazing gift of joy and love this holiday season. Sincerely, Leyla - Dec. 28th, 2009 We got Cassius (previously Clancey) from Amanda in October and he is doll. So precious, so sweet, and absolutely gorgeous. He is wonderful to have, a great mixture of playful boxer and great snuggler. We cannot wait to watch him grow. Teresa Barnes - NOV. 2009 I wanted to thank you for our wonderful new euro addition Broni, she is such a character. She is very healthy and smart, she is vibrant and full of energy. Amanda was very easy to work with and she answered all my questions and she also kept us updated with pictures. I would recommend Euro Dream to anyone looking for a boxer puppy.Thanks for our new family member.. R.C.& Family Oct. 13th, 2009 I BOUGHT COWBOY (A EURO MALE-AMOR) FROM AMANDA AND AM VERY IMPRESSED BY THE AMOUNT OF PICTURES AND E-MAILS I RECIEVED FROM HER, SO MUCH THAT I HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED ANOTHER EURO FROM HER. I WILL NOT USE ANY OTHER BREEDER, THANKS AMANDA. MY COWBOY AND NINA ARE THE BEST DOGS I OWN. COYBOY IS VERY SMART AND VERY LARGE HE IS BIGGER THAN MY 11 MONTH OLD MALE AND COWBOY IS ONLY 6 MONTHS OLD. HE WAS THE BEST DOG I HAVE EVER HAD TO HOUSE BREAK HE LEARNS VERY FAST. THE EUROPEAN BREED IS THE WAY TO GO I WILL NOT OWN ANOTHER AMERICAN BOXER, THIS BREED THAT AMANDA HAS IS TOP OF THE LINE QUALITY, CONFORMATION, TEMPERMENT, FOR SUCH A LARGE DOG, THEY ARE SO GENTAL, AND LOVEING! COWBOY GOES FOR REGULAR VET CHECKS AND IS HEALTHY AS A HORSE AND AS BIG, NO PROBLEMS OUT OF THIS HEALTHY GIANT. THANK YOU EURO-DRAM BRANDY, SEPT. 3RD, 2009 I can't tell you how much our family loves Adora (Zoey). She has been a great addition to our family. My husband, who has never been a dog owner, can't believe how sweet and well tempered she is. She has been absolutely wonderful. She trains so easily. Within 5 minutes, I was able to teach her to sit and lay down. I love the fact that she thinks she is a lap dog. It is fine for right now of course because she is a doable 25 pounds, but when she is over 50 pounds, it will be rather humorous. She is so lovable and the kids just love her to death. I can't tell you what a great family dog she is. She withstands anything. My youngest daughter will try to sit on her, pull her ears, and Zoey just sits there and takes it, and even gives a lick. Amanda you told us this would be a well tempered dog for our family and you are right. She has been a pure joy. Thank you, Laurie Zink and Family June 8th, 2009
I wanted to write and let everyone know what they are "buying" when going through Amanda and Euro- Dream. I have Chianti (aka Clara) whom will soon be turning 1. She has turned my Boxer world upside down! I have always owned American Boxers and this girl truly amazed me. She is such a well rounded, good natured, quick learning, always wanting to please, dog. I was able to personally pick her up at Amanda’s home. I met all of her Boxers (boys and girls) and I have to say that they were ALL very social, clean, and healthy. As far as Amanda goes, it will be very hard for you to find another breeder in the U.S. that has the beautiful boxers that she does. The knowledge of the breed, her dogs, and her willingness to help at any time, cannot be bought at any price. I am just getting started in Euro Boxers, and I’m so happy to have a mentor in Amanda! Harmony June 3rd, 2010
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